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Some business owners know that they want to create their own videos at some point, but they aren’t necessarily ready yet. And they recognize that it’s mission-critical to get a video or two professionally produced for their online marketing needs. There are all kinds of video production houses across the country and around the world and they all have unique strengths and weaknesses. So if you’ve been looking through the videos in Larry’s portfolio and this seems like production you would like to have done for you and your business, and you want to hire Larry so you can just get it done, this is where you need to be. Larry has a number of private clients for whom he creates videos. Both solo and as a part of a video team.

Demo Reel

Brief demo reel with some examples of available production styles

Just fill out the Contact Us form and Larry will set up an initial consultation so you can discuss your needs. If you’re in a hurry or have questions that would be handled better o not he phone. Call us during business hours (8:30am – 6pm Eastern) and we’ll be happy to talk with you. The office line is (863) 608-9888. There’s no cost for this initial consultation, so you can comfortably find out if the types of productions Larry and his team create, will fit your goals. And if you need some alternate resource, we’ll be happy to direct you to other working professionals.