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Larry Becker | The Evolution

I Started in 2016

[TLDR – Larry’s stuff is at the website now.]

The Evolution Story
In 2016 I left my studio job and launched out on my own. made sense to me as a starting point.

At that time I was recognized across the globe (by photography aficionados) as the official camera gear reviewer for the largest camera company in the world, B&H Photo in New York. That happened because I was the on-camera “Talent” for the Central Florida company (Kelby Media) who had the contract to produce review videos for B&H. Behind the scenes I was much more than just a gear reviewer. I was running the multi-million dollar video production department with a talented staff of 9 people. There was a reorg of the company in 2017 and outside video production for B&H and other companies like Canon USA came to an end.

By then I had been on camera for more than 2 decades. Learning all about on-camera delivery, script writing, and the vast collection of non-verbal messages we send to an audience when we’re on camera was the hardest stuff to learn, and it’s what I knew a lot of people really needed to learn. So I launched my 2016 entrepreneurial efforts by creating a training class to help people who wanted to be on camera. While that had modest success, I also focused on central Florida video production because a lot more people understood that they needed videos for their company and social media, and most folks didn’t realize they need help writing better scripts, looking more relaxed, and sounding confident and relatable. I created tips and tricks videos about being better on video and I delivered most of them via my Larry Becker YouTube channel and this website

But my ongoing passion to focus on helping people be better on camera continued to grow. While I ran my video production company from 2016 to 2019, I spent my free time writing a book all about being Great On Camera. Then in January 2020 I launched my new site

All my current projects, my book, and my archives of training videos, along with new video classes, are all at

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