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If you have ANY business video online, and you want to make money or gain customers, you need to connect with your target audience using the right presentation style. Here’s how to talk for maximum impact.


For businesses, the whole point of doing online videos is to connect. You want to make money online? Connect with video. So what’s the best way to talk on a business video?


Hey, Larry here. So how do you talk on video? The short answer is that you talk like you’re talking to a friend.

If you talk like some stilted professor, or you use terminology that is specific to your industry and because you think it makes you sound smart, you’ll get worse results than if you just talk like you’re talking to a friend. Seriously. People want to do business with friends.

If you use contractions when you talk, put that stuff in your videos. If you have to use some specific term and some of your audience might not know what it means. Define it.

Do your best to be yourself. Unless you’re a jerk. If you’re a jerk you’ll want to pretend you’re somebody nice and then use editing to cut out the parts where your jerkiness shows through.

Now if you’re new to being on camera, you might get a good friend to stand right behind the camera, even if they’re not running it, and you just make eye contact with them and talk like you’re talking to them.

Do you have a tip about talking on camera?

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