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Simple video production by non-pros can still seem good enough to build credibility and help people trust you enough to spend money with you. But there’s 1 MAJOR mistake lots of beginners make that’s SUPER easy to fix.


Show Notes:

The days when you needed to hire a video pro to get great looking business videos, so you can make more money, are gone. If you keep things simple, beginners can produce pro videos. But there’s one primary, unforgivable sin with budget videos.

Hey, I’m Larry and the 1 unforgivable sin is bad audio from using the on-camera mic. That’s because the built-in mic from ANY camera is meant to pick up all sound in the environment and people speaking sound terrible. And there’s an incredibly affordable solution.

[unplug mic] First, have a listen and see what I mean. This audio is terrible because there’s all kinds of room echo and there’s just a distant sounding voice. If you tuned in to my videos or anybody’s videos and you hear audio like this your immediate reaction is, “this is NOT a professional.” And all credibility is gone.

[replug mic] The solution is to have a lapel mic, sometimes they’re called a lavaliere mic, like this.

The lapel mic you use could be wired or wireless. But today I’ll just tell you about the cheapest solution out there that gives great results. It’s a wired mic from Audio Technica called the ATR3350iS and it costs just under $30 bucks. It runs on LR44 button cell batteries and you can get those for like $8 dollars for a 10 pack on Amazon. I’ve filmed with one battery for hours and hours. Probably days. But if you accidentally leave the mic turned on for a few days, you’ll be glad you picked up some extra batteries in advance.

Now this mic has a plug that’s called an 1/8th inch TRS and that works with pretty much any DSLR and loads of consumer camcorders on the market. If you want to use this mic with your smartphone, you’ll need an adapter that converts the 1/8th inch TRS into an 1/8th inch TRRS. No problem. It even comes with that adapter.

Now the warnings. You will forget that there’s a wire between you and your camera. Other people in the room will forget it too. People will trip on that wire, and you’ll walk off while you’re still tethered to your camera and maybe pull it off the tripod. Does that sound scary? Good.

What I do when I use this mic is I tape it to the tripod. I tape it to the floor by the tripod. And I tape it to the floor near me. That way the worst thing that happens is I tug on the tape a little while the mic reminds me I’m on a leash.

So if cheap is important, this is a GREAT mic. If you can afford $400 bucks or more, you’ll probably want to go wireless. But no matter what, don’t ever do business videos where you expect people to take you seriously, while you use on camera audio.

Do you have a tip about microphones?

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