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If you’re doing your own video production, there’s a pro tool that’s FREE and it will save you tons of time and money. It will make your mini studio shots look consistent from one time to the next. And it will minimize your mistakes. And it comes in 2 versions…

Show Notes:

You’ve heard ‘practice makes perfect’? I’ve got a trick that will make you even perfecter…


Hey, Larry here. Today’s trick is something I’ve used in the multi-million dollar studio where I used to work, I use it in MY small studio, and I had all my video team members use it, in one form or another, and it saved us hours and hours.

Mistakes cost time and time is money. Clients don’t want to hear that the first time we shot this video, it was framed a little wrong or the white balance was off. So we always used one or both versions of this tool. A checklist.

Whether I’m talking about a checklist of camera settings at my home studio, or at the big studio, a checklist saves time. The first kind of checklist is just that. A written list of things to remember. And the 2nd kind of checklist we used was a printed photo of how our set was framed. That way the reviews I was doing always looked the same.

You might think that, if you’ve done something countless times, you’ll just remember all the stuff you need to do, and that may be true. But why risk it?

I’ve done video for years and I still forget to put on makeup sometimes. I use my Canon 70D for filming in my home studio and there are a bunch of specific settings I use to get the right look. Every once in a while I use my 70D for something else. Filming on the road. Shooting stills. Then when I start filming, if I have the wrong settings in the camera, I have to shoot a second time.

Lots of you will be filming in a temporary studio area. Your setup will go faster and your consistency from one video to the next, will be much higher, if you photograph your framing AND photograph your lighting setup behind the scenes. Pros do this all the time.

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Leave a comment to tell me what you think. Do you have questions about simple, in-house video production setups? Gear? Teleprompters? Microphones? What do you want to know.

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