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It’s not worth going to film school to learn EVERYTHING about video production if all you want to do is create simple DIY videos to make more money in your business. But there are still some pro tips you should know to get better results.

Episode Notes:

When you’re doing simple video productions in-house to make more money in your business, you don’t need full blown film school. That’s overkill! But you DO need some tips & tricks so you don’t look bad. Today I have 4 tips that lots of beginners miss so your videos will look more professional.

Hey, Larry Becker here and this time we’ll look at 4 interesting things to look out for with camera technology when you’re first getting into filming your own business videos. I’ll explain a little about the tech and then give you a simple solution for each problem.

1) Moire pattern interference.

2) Keep backgrounds simple – Wide aperture blurs the background

3) Frame Rate vs Shutter speed

4) Lock Exposure & White balance (& focus)

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