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I discovered a well-hidden iPhone setting that saved me a lot on my cell phone bill. If you have an unlimited data plan, you’re in the clear. But if you have any kind of data limitations, check out this iPhone trick.

Show Notes

Today I’ll tell you about my iPhone cellular data, giant savings secret, which setting to change on YOUR iPhone to fix the problem, and tomorrow I’ll tell you how I did this video.


Hey, I’m Larry and I teach in-house video tips and tricks for small businesses and entrepreneurs so they can do their own online videos and use ’em to make lots more money.

I’m also a tech guy. I reviewed cameras for more than 4 years for the largest camera retailer in the world, and I’ve been on video for Sony, Canon, and the National Association of Broadcasters. But today I want to tell you about how I’m crushing my iPhone data plan and saving big money.

For a couple years I’ve been on an unlimited data plan and until March of this year, I commuted 2 hours a day while I was streaming Pandora music or comedy. That’s a lot of cellular data. Then when I was home I’d use the home Wi-Fi network. In March I stopped working at the studio and started working for myself. At the same time I changed plans to a 6GB per month plan.

Now that made sense because with all those hours and hours of streaming music I still never used more than 3.2GB in a month and my wife never used more than 1 and a half GIGs and my son always uses less than 1 GB of data. So with me working in my own home office with WiFi, we’d always be well below the 6GB limit.

Nope. I got a notice 2 weeks into the new plan that I was already at 75% of the total limit.

I called the support line and they couldn’t figure it out and didn’t have any worthwhile suggestions.

Long story short, I was burning all kinds of data because of an Apple “upgrade.”

As long as I can remember, smartphones with WiFi and mobile data capabilities, would use the WiFi whenever it was available, and only when you go out of WiFi range, would it flip over to cellular data.

With iOS 9 and later, Apple changed that. There’s a feature that’s on by default called “WiFi Assist” and that little helping feature jacked my data usage through the roof.

Instead of doing what smartphones had always done, use WiFi first, and only use cellular data when you’re completely out of the WiFi network’s range, the WiFi Assist feature turns on the cellular data any time the WiFi signal starts to get a little weak.

Apparently my home office is in a weak spot for WiFi in my house so instead of just using cellular data for the 2 hours of my daily commute, it was trying to use cellular data all day long!

So just launch your Settings app. Inside the Settings screen, the 4th item down from the top is Cellular. Tap that and inside there just swipe to scroll all the way to the bottom.

There at the very bottom is a switch for the WiFi Assist feature and it’s on by default. Flip it off.

You’ll still be able to use cellular data AND WiFi with your iPhone, but what it WON’T do is automatically activate cellular data when the WiFi gets a little weak.

I hope that helps you guys and tomorrow, I’ll show you how I recorded my iPhone screen for this demo so you can record your iPhone or iPad and do your own video demos.

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