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Yesterday I did a little video about saving on iPhone data plans and today I created a tutorial to show how I captured the iPhone screen and turned it into yesterday’s demo video.

Show Notes

Yesterday I got a ton of interest in my video about how to save on your iPhone data plan and today, I’ll show you how I did the video of my iPhone.


Hey, I’m Larry and Having done lots of technology centered videos for years, I know that capturing LCD screens with even high end video cameras, can be a problem. It’s even hard for pros to get a good image, so I use a workaround.

Since I’m on a Mac I use Screenflow. Screenflow has a reputation as the go-to Mac screen capture program, and it’s actually a GREAT video editing program, I use it to edit all my videos.

When it comes to capturing what’s happening on your iOS device like your iPhone or iPad, I used to use a Mac program called Reflector. Then you just AirPlay your iOS device to your Mac and it shows up nice and big on your Mac screen, so then you just run Screenflow as usual and capture your screen.

But since Screenflow did one of their updates back in Screenflow 5 (Screenflow 6 is out now) I just plug my iPhone, into the Lightning USB connection and then, in the recording options right there in Screenflow’s recording settings dialog box, there are options for recording connected iOS devices. The added bonus is that it can even record audio from your iOS device. So that’s how I recorded what I was doing on my iPhone screen.

Another thing I did was take a photograph of my actual iPhone and I erased the background in Photoshop so I have just the phone on a transparent background. I saved that as a .PNG file with transparency, and dropped it into my video, off to the right.

I put together a training video within this video so if you have Screenflow and a current iPhone, you should be able to do this same kind of thing.

[training video]

There’s a lot more we could talk about, but I want to keep it simple for this video, so we’ll leave it at that.

I hope that helps you, so you can record your iPhone or iPad and do your own video demos.

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