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There are some really professional looking things you can do with smartphones for your business videos. Today I’ll share something you can do and 4 ways to get better results.

Show Notes

I have a love/hate relationship with Smartphone video. Today I’ll tell you about some of the reasons I absolutely LOVE smartphone videos and how you can use them for legitimate, professional looking business videos.


Hey, Larry here. So my background is that I’ve been on camera for more than 20 years and for the most recent 5 years I managed a professional video production team at a multi-million dollar studio.

I know what truly great, high-end video production looks like, and I know what hack productions look like… But rather than talking about all the PROBLEMS with smartphone videos, let’s talk about some awesome things you can do.

One of my favorite things to use a smartphone for is capturing B-roll. Any time I’m talking on camera, and while I’m talking, the video cuts away to some still image or some other video footage, that’s B-roll.

There are all kinds of psychological reasons b-roll is great. It illustrates and reinforces what’s being said. It cuts away from the talking head and gives people a reason to stay glued to the video. It lets you cover up spoken mistakes when you’re going through a script. B-roll is great!

So my BIG tip today is to consider shooting video footage in all kinds of circumstances, and then use that footage later as b-roll.

You can shoot footage of a business conference you went on; or someplace in your office; or some special event you attended. Especially if you plan to tell your viewers about it later in one of your business videos.

So that’s the big tip, but I have a bunch of small tips in today’s video, which are exactly HOW to shoot that footage you might use in the future.

Tip number 1 – Always shoot horizontally. Nobody likes vertical video!!

Tip number 2 – Minimize camera movement. Not only should you stabilize your hand if you’re holding the phone, minimize panning around.

Tip number 3 – If there is a reason to pan or tilt, do it waaaaaaay slower than you think you should. You can always easily speed up the panning during editing, but if you pan too fast while capturing, the playback can make people seasick and slowing down footage makes it look bad.

Tip number 4 – Go ahead and Narrate the scene out loud for later reference. Not that you’ll be using the actual audio later. You probably won’t. Just narrate what’s going on for your own reference.

So what do you think? Are you going to add grab smartphone B-roll for your videos now?

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