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Have you ever heard somebody say, “I wish I could just do this once and ‘bottle it’ ?” Well, there’s a way that you or an employee can do something one time and then have it happen automatically whenever you need it to in your business.

Show Notes:

One of the biggest expenses any business ever has is employees. So if you could pay somebody just one time and get them to keep doing their job week after week without ever paying them again, that would be big savings!


Hey, Larry here. So if you’re a solopreneur, doing it all by yourself… or if you have a business with 1 or more people on staff, today’s tip could save you and your employees all kinds of time. By the way, stick around to the end of this video because I have a free gift for all of my followers.

Start with a small pad of paper like this that you keep at your desk, or set up a new note in your phone, and whenever you run across something in your business that has these 2 characteristics, jot it down.

First, does it have to do with human interaction?

Second, is it something that is repeated in a similar way, more than once?

So if there’s a work process, like how to bill a client, that you find yourself explaining to employees more than once, this could help.

But the BIGGEST payoff is when there’s some customer service interaction or explanation you find yourself or employees doing time and again, this will really help. I even used the technique just for myself all the time at the studio where I used to work.

Photoshop World is this big convention and there are dozens of multi-page documents that get pulled together and distributed to all of the staff who will be attending the event. Specifically, there are phone lists, schedules, location maps, and all kinds of documentation all of the 30 or 40 staffers needed. And these documents came to us in email as Word or Excel or PDF files. Some people printed out a giant book, but most people keeps all the documents in their laptop or tablet or phone. But the problem was that all of the documents could be in a bunch of different places in your tablet.

I figured out how to import all of the various documents into Adobe Acrobat Pro. Then I created an index with hotlines to the individual documents within the master PDF file. That way everything was within one single PDF that could be shared with staffers and opened on just about any device they might have.

Since I rarely used Acrobat Pro, it was kind of complicated to know all the steps to import, edit, and index all of the separate documents, so I made a Screenflow video  of how I did it. Then each year, I’d just watch that short video and I’d be able to recreate the next year’s master PDF.

It works for customer service stuff too. If there’s something you have to explain over and over to multiple customers, it’s great to have a video they can watch. You do it once and then people get the right answer whenever they need it and they can rewind or replay until they get it.

So for the next week, jot down those things that you or your staff need to re-explain to one another or to customers, and next week, have a look at that list and start planning to do videos for the processes that will save you the most time. Investing in those videos is like having an employee that you pay 1 time, and then they just keep working.

So that free gift I mentioned is a video called 10 Tools to Help Any Business Do Your First Pro-Looking Video In-House. It’s a 10 minute video that will help you get started on your very first video for your business.

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