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There’s stuff that you just shouldn’t wear for a business video. And it’s stuff that would be considered just fine in the office. It just looks terrible on camera. Don’t wear these and filming will be much easier.

Show Notes

Are you kidding me?!? You wore that for your business video?


I’m Larry and I’m just about as far as you can get from being a fashion aware kind of guy. But I know from experience what doesn’t work on camera.

Today’s just a quick list of what not to wear, and a little reminder about the free gift I have for people who watch my videos.

Don’t wear black shirts and don’t wear white shirts. The main reason is because both black and white are harder to light properly so they look right on camera. If you work in a pro studio with lighting and video pros, it can be done, and it’s not always a big deal, but if you’re doing your own video setups, just stay away from those extremes and your videos will look better.

The other thing to stay away from are busy patterns. Lots of those can interfere with the camera’s image sensor.

So solid colors are generally best and that’s about it.

And that free gift for my video followers is over at my website. Just go to to get my free video “10 Tools to Help Any Business Do Your First Pro-Looking Video In-House.”

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