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Happy 4th to EVERYBODY everywhere! (US or not). — I love having my own business and I love spending time with my wife on her day off. And when she’s relaxing by watching a movie, I enjoy doing what I do. Training videos. So here’s one I did today to keep the ball rolling every weekday. Even (some) holidays!

Show Notes

Videos can look amateur and hacky, and with the same people and equipment, they could look much more professional.


Hey, Larry here and even though I’m covering 6 tips to make a hack video look professional, it’s gonna be a quick video.

You’ve gotta have decent lighting. Low lights or lights that have a color cast will cause the video to look bad.

You’ve got to use a lapel mic. Never use the on camera mic. You’ll sound completely amateur.

Use a music bed if it fits what you’re presenting. I have one in my videos but I don’t have music during my opening sentence or 2 and I don’t use a music bed during some of my training videos and gear reviews, though I probably could.

Use a tripod. Everybody hates shaky cam.

Use on screen text like this. It’s called lower thirds. You put your name and credentials there and it keeps you from being one of those annoying presenters who sounds like they’re bragging, when all they’re really trying to do is introduce themselves.

And finally, use a 10 Second Video Intro and do it after you say what your video is about. That’s a common formula. This video is about X. Intro. Then the presentation.

So that’s all 6 things. Lighting, a mic, a music bed, a tripod, lower thirds, and an intro.

If this kind of thing is helpful, you’ll love the free gift I have for you. It’s a video called 10 Tools to Help Any Business Do Your First Pro-Looking Video In-House. It’s a 10 minute video that will help you get started on your very first video for your business.

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