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I’m an Apple fanboy but Apple has a ‘dark side’ too. iOS and Apple’s Mac OS are fine, but I don’t trust anything else they make in the software world… I can’t afford to trust Apple apps for anything critical to my business. And before you ask, yes. This has everything to do with the video production stuff I normally teach.

Show Notes:

I’ve been an Apple computer user since the beginning, but I don’t trust their applications, and I’d sure never trust my business success to one of their apps.


Hey I’m Larry and I teach entrepreneurs and small businesses how to create their own pro-looking videos in house without turning video into a career.

Today I’m gonna rant about Apple software, but not because I have any desire to change Apple’s approach to software. My rant is to help people considering using Apple software, to stay the heck away from it!

I’ve been on camera for more than 20 years with various kinds of business and training videos, and I’ve done editing, but my editing has always been more basic. And since I’m coaching a lot of small business owners who are NOT in the business of video, I just keep things simple. Simple hardware and simple editing software. Like I said in yesterday’s video, I use Screenflow for all my video editing and that’s what I teach clients to use.

I also said yesterday that Apple used to OWN the pro video production industry with Final Cut, but with one of their updates a few years ago, they changed how the program worked. They ruined workflows and let their customers down. And that’s not an anomaly.

Each of these programs was rolled out with a particular feature set, given a few normal updates, then somehow changed dramatically and the user experience was massively changed and in many cases ruined.

IMovie, iTunes, Aperture, GarageBand, iPhoto, and while the Apple calendar wasn’t ever really working well and then got changed, it has been relatively weak from the start and doesn’t have lots of features other calendars have had since back in the Palm Pilot days. I just can’t think of an Apple app I trust. The only exception is Keynote, which still works pretty darn good and hasn’t ever had a major update that damaged features and functionality. And technically they didn’t update and ruin Aperture or iPhoto. They just discontinued the programs altogether and merged them into Apple Photos!

Apple hardware is pretty good. It’s consistent and reliable and it looks nice. I’m a happy Apple laptop and desktop and phone user. I’ll probably get an Apple Watch when they can figure out how to use digital paper technology or better batteries so it only has to be charged weekly instead of daily.

I just don’t trust Apple’s application development process to be customer friendly. If somebody somewhere at Apple HQ decides one of their programs needs to address a different market, or if they’re just tired of serving the pro video or pro photography market, and they flip off their installed user base and go away, Apple management won’t lose any sleep.

In fact, if Apple came out with some new app that was going to revolutionize my business, I would never trust them because they have burned so many tens of thousands, maybe millions of customers over time. They’re too big to care.

The bottom line is that, while I use Apple hardware and I love it, I recommend to you that you never edit your video with iMovie or Final Cut, and while GarageBand might be a fun toy, don’t ever rely on it as your primary audio application.

If this kind of advice is helpful and you’re thinking about doing your own business videos, you’ll love the free gift I created for you. It’s a video called “10 Tools to Help Any Business Do Your First Pro-Looking Video In-House.” It’s a 10 minutes long and it will help you get started on your very first video for your business.

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