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Here are 5 quick tips for smartphone videos that market your business. Pay attention! This is good stuff!


Hey, Larry here. Look, if you have a small business, even in a local market, video is mission critical today. Forbes just ran an article that says exactly that. And if you’re one of those who don’t believe video marketing is critical, you’re gonna be out of business by 2018, so I’m not talking to you anyway.

I’ll tell you up front here, smartphone video isn’t the BEST option for marketing videos, but it’s better than nothing, and you’ve been making excuses. It’s time to stop! Your business needs video marketing and a smartphone can get you started. So here are 5 quick tips.

1 – Use a lapel microphone. Just using the microphone built into your smartphone will give you bad audio a lot of times. Like if it’s windy or if you’re a few feet across the room.

2 – You need to mount your phone horizontally on a tripod or some kind of tabletop mount so the image is steady and horizontal. People hate vertical video and shaky cam videos.

3 – Look at the camera lens and not at yourself on the phone screen. You need to make eye contact with your audience, and when you look at yourself on screen, you’re looking away from your audience. No eye contact is like being on a bad date and you don’t even want to be there.

4 – If you post your video on your blog, include a transcript of your video. That will do GREAT things for your SEO. And for the record, Google loves videos and more people will find you.

5 – Upload some videos to Facebook directly. You’ll get views and people can share ’em, and you can even use ’em for paid Facebook marketing. You know Facebook is a thing, right? It helps people market their business.

Remember, you don’t have to do live streaming videos so you can edit out your mistakes. Then when you’re comfortable on camera and you have valuable info for your audience every few days, you can go ahead and do the live video thing.

So those are the 5 things to do better smartphone video marketing. Stop making excuses and start doing video marketing for your business.

Why didn’t I do THIS video on a smartphone camera? Because I have better cameras and I have a studio setup. But if you use that as an excuse to wait to do videos, that’s like saying, “I’ll wait to get my drivers’ license until I can get that BMW 650i Convertible. If I just have a Honda Accord, I’ll wait.”

If you want to know a lot more about this stuff, watch my videos. I’ve covered a ton of great insights on my blog at LarryBecker dot TV and on my YouTube channel. And you can follow me on Facebook too.

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