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When you’re doing super simple videos with a smartphone and you want to minimize or eliminate editing, there’s a magic button you should be using.


A good friend of mine does daily videos for his business and posts ’em on his Facebook feed. He shoots with his iPhone and then he uploads his videos to an editor who is in another country. The editor adds graphics and uploads the videos.

The thing is, the editor DOESN’T ever have to edit the beginning or end. My friend doesn’t have time for back-and-forth with his editor. He just wants to record his EXACT message and just have graphics placed on the video and then have it uploaded.

The way he does it with no editing is with something like this…

I bought this $8 CamKix remote control button from Amazon. It has one button for Apple products, and the other button is if you have Android instead.

Now my friend can start and stop his short video recording at a distance and the video doesn’t start or end with a giant hand reaching for the camera lens.


If you’re thinking about getting started with your own videos. Either live Facebook streaming, or something more professional looking for your business, let me know what questions you have. I’ll answer your questions and try to demystify business videos for you.

In fact, my future videos will be tips and tricks requested by you. Just drop me a note to

See Ya next time.

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