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If you want to use videos for business you’ll have the biggest impact if you’re smart and believable. Here are 7 secrets to seem smart on your business videos.

Show Notes:

If you’re doing videos for your business to make more money, you’ll have more credibility if you come across as smart and an authority. Today I’ll share 7 ways to seem smart on video.

A quick programming note here… Yesterday was Memorial Day here in the US and even though it’s a holiday, I had planned to stick with my promise to upload a video every weekday. One of my OTHER projects was to create a playlist on my channel that’s a collection of many of the videos I’ve done for other company channels like B&H in NY, Canon USA, The National Association of Broadcasters, Kelby One and more. So I added a couple hundred videos to that list.

I know when I post my own new videos a tweet goes out and a notification goes out to my subscribers, but I didn’t realize that this would send out a Tweet for every video I added from OTHER channels to that new playlist. So first. Sorry. AND that’s why I didn’t go ahead with my regular daily video tip.

On the bright side of things, I now have a playlist that shows the millions of views I’ve gotten in recent years and, I’ve caught up on my lame social media post volume.

Okay, so today’s 7 ways to come across smarter on business videos…

1) Get rid of verbal ticks / sloppy speech habits

2) Explain various education points in three different ways

3) Do not use the cadence of a news reporter, speak conversationally

4) Don’t state your credentials right up front

5) Use lower thirds and on-screen text for credentials

6) Drop in testimonials if appropriate

7) Edit away mistakes

BONUS Tip: Look & sound good

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