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I just picked up a cool little $20 dollar accessory to help with a 2 person video shoot. Like an interview. And even for single person videos, it adds a feature to my camera that it doesn’t come with.


Hey, Larry here. When you’re getting into simple in house videos for your business, you’ll need to have more than one person on camera from time to time. Maybe it’s an interview or maybe it’s a 2-person show.

There are wireless mic packs and receivers that let you have a couple of wireless packs, but this is pro gear. It’s hundreds of dollars and you have to fine tune it to a frequency where there’s no interference. In some big cities, that can be a challenge.

I recommend wired mics to a lot of my clients because they’re easy to set up and use. If you get a good quality one, and if it has a long cord, like this one with a 20′ cord, you get great audio, plugged right into the camera. But if you need 2 microphones for an interview, what do you do?

You get one of these. It’s a Rode SC6. It takes 2 microphone inputs and outputs them to a single mic jack. Oh, and just a quick heads-up on this. There are 2 kinds of mic jacks that look really similar. One is called a TRS and the other one is a TRRS. The TRRS jack is intended for smartphones and tablets, and the TRS is more for cameras and camcorders. So I plug my 2 lapel mics into the SC6, I run a 20′ extension cable over to my camera, and then I use this RODE SC3 adapter because it converts the TRRS smartphone plug into a TRS plug for my camera.

So now I can have 2 mics plugged into my camera. Just 1 more thing though…

I film with a Canon 70D or a Canon 6D when I do video work and, while they both have a mic jack, neither one has a headphone jack. Well, the SC6 has 2 mic inputs AND a headphone jack. So even if I’m using a single mic plugged into my camera, if I’m filming somebody else and I want to monitor their audio, I use the SC6. Now I can monitor the audio.

I hope that helps you because that’s what I do. I help non-video pros do simple video setups for their business videos.

If you have a question and you’re watching this on Facebook or YouTube, post your question right here. If you’d rather send me an email, send it to maybe I’ll answer you directly or maybe I’ll make a video so your question helps everybody.

See Ya next time.

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