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About Larry Becker

From the time Larry graduated with a B.A. in Communications, he has always had jobs that involved public speaking, video production, and training in person and on video. Things really kicked into high gear in the late 90s when Larry went from owning an ad agency with clients across Central Florida, to authoring the first training video for Palm Pilots. That video got Larry national attention and clients like Pepsi, the National Association of Realtors, Sony, GE, and even Palm, Inc. Ironically Palm, Inc. hired Larry to teach employees at Palm, Inc. about the devices they manufactured. And his video training DVDs were packaged with Sony devices.

Larry spoke publicly for Palm, Inc., GE, and the Nationals Association of Realtors. His videos were packaged with Sony electronics, and at the height of Palm’s popularity he shared the presentation stage with Buzz Aldrin while appearing to an audience that included Bill Gates and other major industry leaders.

12049152_10206254819067638_2379761040461532863_nFor the past decade Larry has been working with the world’s leading photography and Photoshop trainers. He’s presented at Photoshop World on stage with the president of Adobe, he’s hosted web based photography shows, live webcasts, authored camera and software tutorials, and he’s best known as a regular camera gear reviewer for the largest camera retailer in the world, B&H Photo in NY. With countless hours and millions of video views, Larry is arguably one of the best known camera gear reviewers in the world. His working relationship with Canon USA has put Larry on camera teaching for Canon, with some videos to educate the public, while others are designed to teach retail staff in stores worldwide, about Canon cameras.

Expanding beyond reviews and “traditional” training videos, Larry created a new, entertaining training series with a Focus on Education for beginning photographers called “FocusEd.” Larry designed and directed the series and wrote all of the scripts as well as delivering the primary A-roll video as the lead talent. These days Larry still creates and stars in videos for B&H Photo, Canon USA, Kelby One, and a number of other clients.

“Video is exploding as a communications tool for business online and I help beginners craft their message and develop their persona, and I help pros adjust their style to connect even better. Being good on video is one of the fastest ways to build an audience, make sales, and make more money.” — Larry Becker

While Larry enjoys his role in the photography industry as on-screen talent for several major players, he has recently begun to share his on-camera tips, tricks, and insights with a growing audience of entrepreneurs interested in learning how to present on their own videos. Web based videos are mission-critical to every single business that has online customers and while there are a number of sources who teach the production side of video, there is a surprising lack of on-camera presenters willing to share their strategies. Larry answers those questions and coaches presenters regularly and is all about helping entrepreneurs star in their own productions.

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