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I LOVE to keep things simple and when there’s a way to do a PRO camera move and make it so easy that a beginner could do it, that’s AWESOME!! With that in mind, today’s video is AWESOME! — Enjoy!!

Show Notes:

Pro camera operators can do some camera moves that look really professional. But I teach business people how to do their own SIMPLE in-house videos, to use online and make more money and enhance your business. In less than 2 minutes I’ll show you how to cheat and do one expert camera move, AND this one will help you connect with your audience even better.

Hey, Larry here. There’s a camera move you can use to really engage with your audience when you have a very serious point. It will help you connect more deeply with your viewer.

You know how you lean in, and lower your voice a little, when you’re having a conversation, and things get a little serious or somebody’s conveying really important information, just for you? Well, there’s a video version of that and it’s called a slow push. I just did it. You know that, right?

Normally that takes a trained pro camera operator because as you’re slowly zooming in you have to maintain focus and exposure. That’s not easy. But this video doesn’t even have a camera operator. Just an unmanned camera on a tripod. So how’d I do the slow push? Editing.

In yesterday’s video I said that I shoot my videos at 1080p, which is higher resolution than what we upload to the web, and you can use that as a tool to look thinner. Well today I just applied a video action in my editing program, Screenflow, and that video action allowed me to zoom in on the video. I use Screenflow and I recommend it for anybody on Mac, but just about every video editing program can do this easily.

A couple things about the slow push:
– Don’t do it several times in your video. Just once.
– Zooming out can look weird. I like to cut away to a slide or something and then just go back to the standard view after the slide.
– Depending on your video, you might just stay zoomed in.
– Make sure it really is slow. Almost unnoticeable.
– And start the push when the serious part of the message starts.

So do you think you’ll be using a slow push from time to time?

Leave a comment to tell me what you think. Do you have questions about simple, in-house video production setups? Gear? Teleprompters? Microphones? What do you want to know.

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