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You doing business videos? You know if you seem nervous, people won’t trust you. — Today I have a SUPER simple trick to look less nervous on camera. It takes a lot to ‘get your act together’ so you look good and connect with your audience. You concentrate on what to say and where to look and what to do with your hands. There’s lots to remember. So here’s a simple little trick to look less nervous…

Show Notes

If you’ve followed me for a while, today isn’t a new topic. But I put together a little test so you can see exactly what I mean.


Hey, Larry here. No matter what type of camera you use to capture a person-on-camera video, one of the things you learn quickly is that you need to add light. Maybe it’s to help the camera sensor so your image isn’t grainy. Usually it’s to help cancel out some bad looking shadows.

So with that added light, because of how camera sensors work, people of every race will tend to look shiny. Some more than others.

Here are 2 images of me in the exact same light. These are stills from a video shot minutes apart and the only difference is makeup.

In the no makeup shot, my face is nice and clean, but because of how the camera captures all that extra light, I seem a little shiny. Possibly a little sweaty. Except for my smile, which is kinda automatic, I definitely seem a little nervous.

In other videos I’ve covered about presentation style, I point out that it helps to smile. And while I naturally smile a lot in real life, it took a lot of practice before it became natural on camera. So if you’re new to being on camera and it’s a little tough to smile on camera, to cancel out some of that nervous appearance, not wearing makeup will make you look even more nervous.

Right now you’re going through a little internal dialog. Maybe you’re thinking, “Larry just looked a little shiny. Not really sweaty. He didn’t look nervous.” But that’s because I told you what was going on before you saw the shininess.

We actually make a lot of our judgements about people subconsciously. Even when you see someone sweaty or shiny, you may not primarily be thinking about their state of mind. You might be thinking about their message but you’re also thinking… do I believe this person? Do I trust this person?

As your target market watches you on video, they’re always judging your trustworthiness, and a little makeup powder will diffuse the extra light you use for filming and make you look more calm. It will help you look more trustworthy and less nervous.

Just find some kind of powder to match your skin and you’ll connect better with your audience.

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