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When I was managing a multi-million dollar video production studio I found out about an amazing FREE form of insurance for photo and video gear. We used to do ‘field’ shooting quite a bit and this was something we could use every time. It helped protect our investment in that expensive gear and the GREAT thing is that it’s available to EVERYBODY! Not just pro videographers.

Show Notes

This is the kind of insurance that keeps you from losing gear in the first place. It’s super easy and anybody can get this insurance.


Hey I’m Larry and today’s tip is super simple, so the video is short.

When you’re packed up and ready to go do a road shoot, take a picture or a short video of everything you’re taking. Then when you pack up to leave your mobile shooting location, look back at your pictures or your video and m,are sure you got everything.

This works for a field shoot or for a road trip with air travel. And speaking of that, I shouldn’t have to remind you that you should carry all your most expensive gear as carry-ons, but photograph your bags when you travel so if one DOES get lost, you have a picture of what it looked like when you gave it to the airlines. And if you photographed the contents, you have more evidence for your insurance claim.

See? I told you it was a quick, easy tip anybody could do.

Leave a comment to tell me what you think. Do you have questions about simple, in-house video production setups? Gear? Teleprompters? Microphones? What do you want to know.

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