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Help Yourself On Camera

What’s your problem? — When it comes to being on camera, or developing videos for your business (even without being on camera) people have all kinds of different concerns. Some people are afraid to look at the camera in the first place. Some people are concerned about what kind of lighting to use. There are hangups about on-screen graphics. Royalty-free music can be a big question. Writing scripts for business videos (training, sales, and even welcome videos) is different than any other kind of writing and it can be a stumbling block. Some people want to know how to work from a Teleprompter or if they can just work from hand written bullet points. And other people are concerned about the editing process. Whatever your concern might be, Larry has articles, videos, and Periscope episodes about it. Just follow some of these links and find the resources you need.

Larry On Periscope

These days Larry is constantly available for live interaction and training, if you follow him on Periscope. Once a day Larry delivers training about how to be on camera, how to write and deliver scripts, what kind of camera gear and lighting you should use, editing software and techniques, and anything else that has to do with simple, in-house video productions for small business.

To watch Larry’s daily “Scopes” you’ll need to download the Periscope app to your iOS or Android smart device and then follow @BeckerBiz. That way you’ll be automatically notified every single time Larry goes live. Alternatively, you can watch Larry on the Internet at but since the web interface doesn’t allow comments (yet) you won’t be able to interact or ask questions. Just watch.

Larry On Facebook Live

Now that Facebook has opened up and live streaming to everyone, Larry will be simultaneously delivering his life content to Periscope and Facebook audiences as soon Facebook enables this feature for his account. Currently it’s a slow rollout and there’s no definitive date for this feature to go live, but he’ll be there as soon as possible.

Larry’s YouTube Channel

At this point, Larry is just launching this website so the YouTube channel has yet to be populated with simple videos about video production and being on camera. However, if you go to Larry’s YouTube channel now and subscribe, you won’t miss a single new video as they roll out in the coming weeks.

Coaching and Consulting

While there are all kinds of free resources Larry’s making available through this website, if you’re in a bit more of a hurry to resolve your specific needs for your video productions, you can always reach out to Larry and, if he has any openings, you can secure his one-on-one consulting. That way you’ll have access to him by Skype and email for personalized, complete solutions. Just stop by the Contact Us page on this site and fill out the form to arrange your free, no-obligation initial interview to see if Larry’s help is just what you need.

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