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Sure. You know videos would help your business, but creating videos regularly would be a PAIN IN THE #@%$! Today I’ll share a secret to make your video productions happen MUCH faster!

If I can create a complete, edited, pro-looking videos for my business every single day, and still run my solopreneur business, YOU can create at least one video a week for YOUR business. And today’s video will be a big help.

Show Notes

Maybe you noticed that I’ve been cranking out a new video every day and my videos have music, graphics, good lighting, and most important if you want to be taken seriously, they look professional. Today I’ll tell you my productivity secret.


Hey I’m Larry. Let me ask you 2 questions…
Do you think regular videos from you, would help you connect with more people, build the trust factor, and make it so people would be more comfortable buying from you?
My second question is, are you busy? Too busy to do a weekly video to start building that connection and increasing your income?

I’m running my own video training and coaching business these days. I build the video training content in the form of video classes. I have coaching clients I work with to help them do their own videos and be good on camera. I create camera training class content for Kelby One on a contract basis. I’m an on-camera spokesperson for an insurance company and the National Association of Broadcasters. And I program my web site and my social media campaigns.

I tell you that because I want you to understand that I am super busy and barely have free time during my work day. But I still crank out one of these quick tips videos every weekday. And I have ZERO help. In the studio I used to run, I had 8 people who answered to me directly and dozens of coworkers who all came together to build videos. But I’m running my entire business solo AND still putting out a professional looking and sounding video every weekday.

I have a trick to make it happen and if you do this, you’ll be able to do at least 1 video a week for yourself. And that will be HUGE!

My secret is to use a formula. If you develop a formula, it makes creation of the finished video so much easier.

Keep in mind, I was never a videographer or pro editor. I was the guy on camera and I managed the editors and videographers. I never had their technical skill set tho. I don’t even use Premier Pro for video editing like they did, and I don’t have some huge, powerful workstation. I do all my video editing with a laptop and Screenflow.

But I have a structure I always follow. And because my intro and music bed and ending and graphics on screen are always the same, I use them as a template and just put in my new content. My whole process goes really fast.

So consider using a template for your videos. It may take a few tries to get something you like, but once you do, then it’s just a matter of redoing the same project with new words.

Okay, enough just watching Larry’s tips and tricks. Go do a video of your own, and when you do, let me know about it. And if you have questions, I’ll take those too.

Go by for more resources. And one more thing…

Go do your video.

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