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Recently one of my viewers asked about getting rid of reflections in glasses so I made a video about it. I’ll be interested to see if this helps anyone out there.

Show Notes

When you first start doing videos like this one, for your business, lighting can be a bit of a challenge. Especially if you wear glasses and you have reflections.


I ran a professional, multi-million dollar video production studio for years, and we had dozens of video experts on staff, but I would say that only a couple of them were really, really good at lighting. Today I’ll show you the simplest kind of lighting setup for a talking head video like this one, and how to kill unwanted reflections if you wear glasses.

First, let me show you the simple setup you’re looking at but with just a little wider perspective.

I have 3 lights in my setup and they’re all professional studio lights from Westcott. No, this is not a paid endorsement.

So I have a light on either side of me. Each of these main lights is to light my face somewhat evenly. And the 3rd and final light is a Westcott LED called a SkyLux light. It’s lighting my background.

So the quick lessons here are that the main lights are on either side of me, just out of the camera range. They should be at 45º from the on camera person and you usually have one a little brighter than the other so you give the face some dimensions from slight shadows.

This is where lots of people get messed up because they’re 45º to the side, but they’re not high enough. They should be 45º up from the talent’s head too. And again, the closer the lights are, the more they’ll smooth the face and fill in shadows. Not to mention, you can turn down the brightness if they’re closer.

So 45º to the side and 45º up will solve the reflection in the glasses most of the time. Unfortunately, depending on your setup, you may not be able to get the lights quite high enough, so I have one more tip. And my tip is to tip… your glasses.

Let’s say this is as high as your lights will go in our space. Well, tipping my glasses just slightly off my ear like this, will eliminate the reflection.

I hope today was a bit of a lightbulb moment for you.

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