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This time we’ll look at a few budget options for better light in your videos.


You on a super tight budget but you need lights for video? Let’s talk about the second cheapest solution.


Hey, Larry here. Cameras will give you better results when you’re filming indoors with added light. If you use whatever normal light is available, you almost always end up with video that looks grainy. We call that visual noise.

Adding some hardware store clamp lamps, like this, with some daylight adjusted curly fluorescent bulbs, is a great way to go. Daylight bulbs are closer to pure white, so you’ll get more natural looking video. Warm bulbs, like old fashioned tungsten bulbs, can give your video too much of a warm tint.

So use a few clamp lamps and mount them facing your on-camera person to light them well and so they don’t create any harsh shadows.

Remember I said this is the second cheapest lighting solution? The cheapest is to shoot outdoors with sunshine. But always do it in the shadows so you don’t get those harsh bright spots and shadows.

By the way, if you have a little more money in your budget, I really recommend the Westcott D5, 2 fixture kit. These are great if you plan to do regular filming in a makeshift mini studio.

So what’s my favorite kind of light for my in house videos, or really even pro videos like what I did in the multi-million dollar production studio? You’ll have to come back in a couple days and check out my Friday video.

Do you plan to use clamp lamps in your videos Or do you plan to step up to the D5s?

Leave a comment to tell me what you think. Do you have questions about simple, in-house video production setups? Gear? Teleprompters? Microphones? What do you want to know.

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