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So you have web videos on Facebook and YouTube. Well, I’d never buy ANYTHING from you!! And I’ll tell you why…


Hey, Larry here. Let me take a guess at two things. You watch online videos. Duh! That one was easy. Here’s another one… I bet you buy stuff that’s for sale online. Me too. All the time.

But even if I watch a sales video you put out about how great your business is, even if I might want what you’re selling, I wouldn’t buy from you if your video ends wrong.

If your video is too long. I’m not buying.

If your video gives too many instructions, I’m not buying.

If your video is hacky or handheld vertical video, shaky cam, I’m not buying from you!

If your video ends without making it EASY for me to buy from you, I’m not buying.

So here’s what to do to fix your videos…

Keep ‘em short and sweet. Under a minute or 2.

Keep your message simple. Don’t tell me to go to your website OR send an email to someplace specific OR call this phone number. Just give me 1 option.

The shaky cam thing makes me, and everybody over 40, want to puke. Millennials grew up with all their friends sending crappy, shaky videos to each other, so if that’s your target market, fine. But if you serve any older clients, no shaky cam. Just stop it!!

And at the end of your video, wrap up with a single call to action. The final thing should be a text slide that reinforces your call to action. Tell people 1 thing they should do. So for me, it’s like and share this video.

Oh, 1 more thing… Be friendly on camera and smile.

And remember to share my video. Thank you.

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