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You think you need simple videos for your business? Well, you need to watch this short video first.

If you know me you know i’ve been in commercial video production for years, and now, I teach small businesses how to do simple videos in-house. At this point I have to admit… Simple, in-house videos created by beginners is total BS!!


Videos can do a lot of things for a business. You can use them to sell better than any written web page ever did. You can use them to teach your customers how to use your product correctly and save a ton of time and money on customer service issues. You can use video to build a relationship with customers all over the world.

There are 2 ways you can get videos for your business. Either hire a professional production company, or, try to do them yourself in-house with stuff you learn on the web or at some seminar.

I’ve run a multi-million dollar video studio for years. I’ve been on videos as a host, for the National Association of Broadcasters convention with millions of views, and I’ve been on hundreds of videos for Canon USA, Sony, B&H Photo, and Kelby Media and I can tell you, that if you have no experience in pro production, creating simple videos for your company to use online, to really improve sales and make a ton of money, is BS!!

And by BS I mean Business Success.

Honestly, I can’t get over how many businesses. I’m talking about SMALL businesses, are making huge money by using simple little videos for their marketing, sales, and customer service.

Today I did a search for “online business success.” The very first Google search result after the paid ads was from Entrepreneur. When you go to their page, there’s an article with 7 steps about how to set up and market your business and at the very top is a video that basically tells you what’s in the written article.

The key is that you need to look and sound professional. That means you need to learn just a few things about video production and editing and then; STAY IN YOUR LANE!

You need to make sure you aren’t doing vertical video or shaky cam video. You need good audio. You need decent lighting. You need to know simple editing. That’s about it. But the flip side of the formula is to avoid trying to overdo it. Don’t try to recreate something you saw on a TV commercial you liked. Stay in your lane. Stick with the basics.

If your videos look amateur, or sound echoey, your credibility is shot. But professional looking and sounding videos don’t have to be packed with special effects or animations. They just need to help you communicate your message in a casual, personal, personable way.

Look, if you need big production values because you’re a Fortune 100 company, you’ll have to hire a pro video production team. But most small and medium businesses just need to connect person-to-person with their audience, and you do that by having a likable person on camera talking to your audience. And your videos need to be short and sweet.

So the secret to business success, using videos you create in-house, is to learn and implement the basics, and then, stay in your lane.

I’ve done a bunch of videos about these simple techniques and you can find them on my YouTube channel, on my public FaceBook page, and on my website at

If this kind of advice is helpful and you’re thinking about doing your own business videos, you’ll love the free gift I created for you. It’s a video called “10 Tools to Help Any Business Do Your First Pro-Looking Video In-House.” It’s a 10 minutes long and it will help you get started on your very first video for your business.

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