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Special Stuff for Scott Kelby Blog Readers


Welcome Scott Kelby blog readers! — This is a page I created just for you. It has many of the same resources as my main clients’ page does, including my primary training video, only it’s been slightly adjusted for those who aren’t personal clients.

This is NOT a sales pitch and at this point, it’s not even possible for new members to join the original group, but I realize that some of you might want to take advantage of the video editing/production services my team provides. If that’s something you’d like to explore, go ahead and watch the whole training video (you should watch it anyway) and if you want to start using our editing services, send an email to and we’ll get pricing to you.


Primary Training

This primary training video is 32 minutes long and it’s really important that you watch the whole thing at least once. Because it’s hosted at Vimeo, there is not a fast playback option. So this guide is intended to help you jump to exactly where you want in the video to get the information you need.
Overview: Start
Video Resolution & Setup for your first self-shoot: 3:28
Camera settings & microphone: 4:57
Specific Mic recommended: 6:25
Mic batteries: 7:07
On camera presentation style: 8:54
camera placement 9:34
4 BIG struggles: 11:30
Hand position: 11:58
Look at the camera 12:48
SMILE: 14:58
Your Message: 15:34
Mic cord Warning: 16:22
Actual On-Camera Presentation Formula: 17:47
Review & Upload for Editing: 25:00


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Text File
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