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They say the camera adds 10 pounds. Do you want to know how to shave those 10 (and a few more) back off with video tricks?

Show Notes:

They say the camera adds 10 pounds. Why is that? And if you’re slightly overweight The camera can make you look really overweight! Today I’ve got 5 video tricks to help you look thinner on camera.

Hi, I’m Larry and I teach people how to do their own business videos and then use those videos to make more money. And since lots of the best money-making videos will feature YOU on camera… AND since lots of people are really self-conscious about looking bad on camera, today we’ll look at why videos can make us look fatter and 5 video tricks I like to call “Larry’s Video Diet.”

One reason the camera makes us look heavier is because it’s NOT a mirror. It makes us look at ourselves in a different way than what we’re used to seeing in the mirror in the morning and it can be a little jarring. We see ourselves a little more like how other people see us.

The first thing to take back some of the control is:

1) Camera Placement – eye level. Step back & zoom in.

2) Head position

3) Reframe during post production to squeeze thinner

4) Use a C-47

5) Actually lose weight. Use your video as inspiration.

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