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This post marks the launch of our daily (weekdays) video series all about making and saving money using video in your small business. Here’s the premier episode and the transcript is here too. —Enjoy!


This is the first in a series of videos I’m creating all about how businesses can make and save money with videos you create in house. And you don’t need to be in the video business to make your own business videos.


Hi, I’m Larry Becker and I’m excited about my new video series. It’s just tips, tricks, and insights to help small businesses and entrepreneurs do your own videos. I’ll be covering the stuff you need to know for business videos, NOT how to start up a video production company. We’ll keep things looking and sounding professional… AND I’ll tell you how to save money on production without turning your video into something that looks like a middle school project.

If you’re in small business and you do your own website updates and social media marketing, there’s no reason you need to hire a pro studio to do expensive video production for you. Just do your own videos in house.

Since this is the pilot episode, this video is an overview of ways to make and save money with videos, and kind of a big picture of what this video series will be about. Then in future videos, we’ll keep things simple and cover just one topic at a time.

First, what’s the story with in-house videos for business? Well, everybody needs online videos these days. Videos are the single most powerful tool to help businesses connect with their customers and target market these days. And since videos are way easier to produce and edit in-house these days, everybody’s jumping on the bandwagon.

The big secret is that almost everybody has the wrong teachers for their videos. That’s because pretty much everybody who teaches video has little to no experience ON-CAMERA, and they almost all come from a film-school background. Don’t get me wrong. Film school experts are great if you have a bigger budget, or if you need to do something with high end production values, like what a pro studio might produce. But honestly, that’s overkill for most small to medium businesses.

Don’t worry. I’m all about pro looking finished videos for non-video companies. And I keep your budget in mind. And when I say budget, I’m talking about not wasting your money OR your time.

So what are some of the big-picture ways you can make money, or save money using videos?

Here’s a short list…

  • A welcome video. Ya see, people are much more willing to spend money when they know, like, and trust a company or the people at that company. A welcome video lets people get to know you. Granted, that’s just a start and there are lots of other video types you can do, but a Welcome video is a great start.
  • A Sales Guide video. When people have a particular problem, you can direct them to the right product or service with a video.
  • An Installation training video. If you sell parts, a video showing how to install those parts is a brilliant way to sell your parts!
  • Educational Videos. Teaching a topic is a solid way to make money. When people watch a video where you teach a particular workout, and you sell exercise equipment, you build trust while educating. Then they’re much more likely to buy gear from you.
  • Industry news. If you can report on your industry with a weekly, short video, people will subscribe and watch and follow you. This is great for building a following for long term and repeat sales. You can do news with no direct selling, and still gain customers. And once you have a regular audience, you can even drop sellable products into your news reporting.
  • Speaking of training, if your topic merits paid training, you can sell your classes. Do you have some expertise? It’s a lot easier than you might think to do training videos.
  • Leverage video as a free employee. Do your customers have a recurring problem using your products in some way? Does somebody at your company answer the same questions time and again? Consider answering with a video. That video can be available 24/7 and can answer common problems. I’ve done this for years and I can tell you, videos can save you thousands of dollars you would otherwise be paying to customer service staff.

So that’s a short list to get you thinking.

Leave a comment to tell me what you think. Do you have other money making ideas that use video? Do you have questions about simple, in-house video production setups? Gear? Teleprompters? Microphones? What do you want to know?

Be sure to subscribe, and when you have a free minute, swing by You’ll find a bunch more resources and even some classes there.

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