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If you get junk email and you delete dozens or hundreds of emails every week without even looking at ’em, raise your hand. Why are you raising your hand? I can’t see you. The point is, we all get tons of junk email. So if you want to get people to open your emails and take action…

[intro/music]…you should try adding simple videos to the mix.Now you can actually put a video file in your email, but that’s NEVER the way to go. They’re too big and they’ll get blocked by email servers and spam filters. And for the few that actually get through, people will hate you.

Now most people know you DON’T actually send videos, you put a link in your email to your videos. But how you do that can make a difference.

First of all, wherever your video is hosted, you need to put a link from your email to the video so people can just click and watch it. Sure, you should put a text link to the video so people can read it and click, but also, put a graphic that looks like your video title slide. And make sure it has some sort of click-to-play button graphic right in the middle, so it looks like you just click it and it will play right there in the email. Now most of the time it won’t, but it will jump so fast to the place where your video is hosted, most people will go ahead and watch the video when they’re redirected.

Then, if your video is hosted on YouTube, AND the person getting your email is on Gmail, videos will play right there in the email itself, without leaving and going to YouTube.

Now I recommend that your videos are nice and short. Have some valuable content that’s consistent with the action you want people to take. But THIS training video isn’t really about what to put in your videos. It’s about using videos in email in the first place.

It’s a great way to work and it will frequently get you more active responses. People taking action. Than just a plain old email. Give it a try.

Now if you like this kind of thing, there are some more resources I’ve pulled together for people. You could go to my YouTube channel at, but if you go to my site, and look at the blog, you’ll find the same videos, complete with transcripts. And on the home page there are links to a couple of complete, video classes that are next level. They aren’t just quick tip videos. They dig deep into topics like doing your first Welcome video or Being Great On Camera. And right now we’re in production of a new class on how to make money doing simple business videos (like this) for other people.

So stop by No excuses. Go there.

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