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periLogoI follow more than 200 Scopers but there are a handful that are especially worth following. Here’s a list of my favorites in no particular order:

– @TerryLWhite — Technology and Live Streaming
– @Victoria_Pavlov — Artist
– @KimGarst — Business of Social media
– @JohnPCordray — Therapist who helps de-stress
– @Dupe_Aleru — Education Entrepreneur
– @ChocolateJohnny — Small business chocolatier
– @GraceSmithTV — HypnoTherapist (guided meditation with a goal)
– @VitaminBShot Bryn Drescher – Win with Bryn — Motivation
– @Ryan_A_Bell — The guy behind the Summit Live community
– @FrameableFaces Doug and Ally Cohen — Husband and wife photographers who entertain and teach biz
– @KeithBDixon — Photographer who’s REAL about business and photography
– @AfricaMiranda — Brilliant actress and speaker
– @DanaGarrison — Social media guru & business coach
– @GoRiceGirl JoAnne Pham — Founder of the largest Periscope community (PeriGirls) and a great person
– @Kama — Founder of PeriDudes and a great guy who wants to help others
– @Rice_And_Spam — Friends who entertain while Scoping
– @MillionaireTalk Roger — Entrepreneur/investor who shares the real info
– @TheBigDreamer Greg Walker — Pump you up motivator and success coach with an amazing back story of breaking out of a bad situation
– @OnlyOneYouNeed1 David Dube — Thoughtful counselor and author
– @KimColes — Famous actress and comedian
– @Teach_All_iKnow Ruben Arana — Florida A&M Professor, artist, and wordsmith
– @MrRelentless Jim Beach — Another motivator with an incredible story of overcoming major challenges
– @MWatkinsMD Dr Melanie Watkins — A true mental health professional who shares REAL insights
– @Arkon_Mounts — The company behind the best mounts for live streaming. Aaron is super supportive of the Periscope community

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