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All of us who do online videos are constantly trying to discover the “magic formula.” I’m not especially happy about it, but according to leading marketing analysts, silent videos perform the best.

Hey, Larry here. Ya know, I’ve been doing video for a lot of years, and since I’ve been doing these training videos to help SMBs (that’s Small and Medium Businesses) I know that silent videos, have MUCH better traction online.

Even though I know it, I haven’t always done something I know I should. Subtitles.

I was reading an article this week in Marketing Tech News and it turns out, according to some big-deal research firms, who deal with a-list Hollywood types for online marketing videos, not only should your videos be effective with the sound off, you have to go the subtitle route a lot of times.

It can be really hard, and take a lot of expensive video production, creative writing, and expensive crews and actors, to tell a story with no words, so a lot of times subtitles are the answer. And since a HUUUUGE amount of online videos are streamed to mobile devices, you have to do whatever you can to tell your story quick and simple with video. You need subtitles.

Lately, I’m trying out a few new things. Starting in 2015, one project I did with my team, was a video series I created and starred in, for my friends at B&H Photo in New York, called FocusEd. We did videos that were simple, photography education videos. At this point, some of those have tens of thousands of views.

I’m bringing those videos up now, because they were patterned after a video series I love to watch called Mental Floss. The videos aren’t crazy or complicated, but they were fast paced and they edited out almost every breath. The result was a very watchable, up-beat video. Like I said, I had a team helping me produce those videos, but my simple videos, like this one, are smaller budget and just me doing them. So I’m trying to do SOME of the stuff I did with the FocusEd videos.

These days we all consume a lot of video and when I’m watching videos on YouTube, I almost always bump up the playback speed. You know you can make your videos playback faster, right? I watch a 20 minute TED talk in 10 minutes.

The reason I designed that video series to be fast, is the same reason I like the Mental Floss videos. They’re fast enough that I don’t need to speed ’em up to watch. They keep my attention just the way they are. They get to the point and don’t waste time. And I can’t say that about a lot of videos.

So I’m doing something similar again. With these videos. And because I know that people want silent videos, I’m doing captions. Both of these things make editing more of a challenge, but the finished product is more watchable. If you like the fast paced editing and subtitles, let me know

in the comments. If you don’t like this video style, you’ll need to keep your opinions to yourself. I’m a very sensitive person and I have a hard time with negative comments on my videos. – Okay, I’m kidding. Let me know if you don’t like ’em too.


There’s one more thing that people do on popular video channels, and I’ve had a hard time doing it, but I know I should. They ask people to subscribe and share. Turns out, that’s pretty important. Even if it makes you seem a little pushy. You gotta do it in YOUR videos too!

So please subscribe. And please share. It’s really important that millions of people see my videos because every time I get more subscribers, it makes a kitten happy. This kitten. YouTube loves kittens. Facebook loves kittens. This is my kitten and I rescued her from a parking lot. At Christmas. It’s true. Please don’t disappoint the kitten.

Just like and share this video and everything will be okay. Thanks. See you next time.

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