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So many people put together videos that are good overall, but if they would just rearrange the order of stuff they say or put the intro in a different place, they’d get much better response. Today’s video is all about a simple formula to help you have more success with business videos.

Show Notes:

When you’re doing business videos online to make money or improve your bottom line, there’s a very specific formula you should follow, and lots of people get it wrong.

Hey, I’m Larry and I’ve done all kinds of business videos for years. Even though I’m just kicking off my personal YouTube channel, I’ve been viewed millions and millions of times on other channels. And I’ve done training videos, sales videos, reviews, live webcasts, interviews, news. Just about every kind of video, businesses are doing these days.

And ALL of these videos benefit from a simple formula. Of course there are exceptions once you get really good at online videos and you really understand everything about what you’re doing, but for most entrepreneurs and small business people who aren’t in the video business, just following these formula tips will go a looooong way to helping you get and keep your audience.

Start out with the on camera person telling people what the video is about. DON’T open with credits or music. Just the person on camera.

Make sure the person says, in the simplest terms possible, what viewers will find out if they watch the video. This should be a hook.

Don’t introduce yourself until AFTER the opening music and credits.

After the hook, run BRIEF opening music/credits. Keep it under 10 seconds.

Now introduce yourself. Usually just a first name is fine and let lower thirds on screen do the rest of your introduction. They can do your Last name, your title, your credentials. Things like that.

Keep your video under 3 minutes when possible, especially if the video might be the first time people meet you and your company.

Deliver the content you promised during your hook.

Wrap up with a call to action. Tell people what to do next.

And close with a visual graphic slide of your company logo and the call to action information.

You might say something like, let me tell you about something really cool that’s over at It’s my class about creating your first video. A Welcome video. The class is on sale now but it’s going to be posted on some training websites very soon, and I’m not allowed to under price those sites, and they want it to cost more than my current price. So stop by

That was a call to action but they don’t always have to be something specific you’re selling, especially if you’re just doing a regular news thing or some kind of tips and tricks video. My wrap up is also a call to action and it goes like this…

I hope this simple starter formula for videos is helpful to you. It should get you going in the right direction if you follow the simple rules I gave you.

Leave a comment to tell me what you think. Do you have questions about simple, in-house video production setups? Gear? Teleprompters? Microphones? What do you want to know.

Be sure to subscribe, and when you have a free minute, swing by You’ll find a bunch more resources and even some classes there.

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