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Larry’s Welcome Mini Class Special

People buy when they know, like, and trust a person or company

Video is the BEST way to build trust online

Welcome videos are one of the easiest ways to start

The number 1 search engine is Google and number 2 is YouTube! People want to learn and connect and be entertained with video. BusinessInsider says that you have a 64% BETTER chance to sell something online if your customers can watch a video first. And the FIRST thing you have to sell is YOURSELF!


Larry Becker has been on camera more than 20 years. He has run a multi-million dollar studio and has been featured on YouTube channels with millions of views to his credit. And Larry has done just about every kind of business video there is… training videos, tech reviews, live webcast show hosting, and more. Larry has even been on national TV! And in this class Larry brings you up to speed from scratch, to teach non-video business people how to create their own great quality welcome video IN-HOUSE without hiring a pro.

Here’s Larry’s intro lesson:

Intro Video

There are 7 lessons and over 30 minutes of training. And people pay for this information BIG TIME. Larry gets thousands to host videos and even for his coaching advice and training for high end, Fortune 100 clients. So this class would be worth more than $5000 if Larry came to your company to coach you in person. Instead you can get the whole class, watch it over and over again, and spend


Not sure? No worries!! There’s a full, 30 day Money Back Guarantee.

Still not sure? No problem. How about a peek at one of the other lessons? This stuff is worth BIG $$$ and this sneak peek is free. But for UNDER $20 you can have the whole class!!

Here’s a peek at the lesson on writing Script Style for your Welcome video:


Included lessons are:


Template Structure

Script Style

Camera Setup & Proper Gear

Being On Camera (Talent)

Edit Things Together



Make Your Own Welcome Video | miniClass


People BUY when they know, like, and trust a company and VIDEO is the fastest online path to that goal. Designed for entrepreneurs and small business, this is a bottom-line, getting started class that skips all that “film school” fluff and makes you look great! A 7 lesson mini class all about creating your very first Welcome video for your website. We’ll cover what you need to know including a template for the most effective structure, the perfect length, great script ideas, a budget gear overview, and more. It’s not that hard to create a pro-looking, quality video, without a production company, if you know what your doing. — $19.97 USD

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