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There are ways to cut corners with video and photo gear that never show up on camera. They just add to your bottom line. Today Larry shows you a surprisingly versatile piece of gear that comes from someplace you probably never considered.

Show Notes:

For more than a decade I worked at a media company that was a leader in photography education. I did in-depth camera reviews and classes, but there was 1 thing I did that was different than everybody else…


Hey, Larry Becker here. During my time at Kelby Media and the B&H review team, I had a reputation for inexpensive solutions for all kinds of photo gear. I love DIY projects and I always have [workbench pic] but I was never one of those, build it to save $3 bucks guys. It needs to be a legitimate savings or something you can’ too otherwise. – So with my current interest in helping non-video companies do their own in-house videos, I’m doing a lot of those same money saving tips for video.

Most cities in the US have a discount clothing store chain like Ross, Marshall’s or TJ Max and there’s an awesome piece of video gear I bought at Ross last week.

This foam rubber exercise mat would normally be $40 bucks or more at someplace like Target, but this one was less than half that price.

I guess you could use it for a workout, but that’s not what I do. Just grab some scissors and you can cut this into pieces to pad your camera gear bags for travel. For example, I use $4 box bags like this from Walmart for carrying gear to location shoots, and this foam rubber mat cushions whatever gear I need to throw in the bag.

Another thing I use these mats for is as a cushion for my feet. Some days I need to stand for an hour or more, in front of the camera, delivering scripts. On a hard floor your feet will hurt and, while you could get one of those cushioned kitchen floor mats for around $20, if you get THIS instead, you’ll have enough for a standing cushion PLUS lots of extra rubber padding for cushioning your gear in storage boxes or travel bags.

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