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Recently I did a Periscope episode all about creating a Welcome video for your site. I pointed out all kinds of elements you should include, and how it can be done simply and easily. This video was created with about 45 minutes of filming, (including retakes because I forgot to knock down my shiny face with makeup on the first pass). It took about 4 total hours of editing to do the greenscreen replacement, drop in music and visuals, and master the video. It took another 90 minutes to upload the video to my YouTube channel and that was it.

It takes a little finesse with your video editing program, but the stuff I was able to accomplish with a single program and a greenscreen temporarily set up in my living room, resulted in a video that’s better quality than lots of businesses are using on their “professional” websites… because so many sites don’t even have a video. And those that do, often structure their videos incorrectly.

Watch this video and in the coming days I’ll unpack the whole thing so you can understand how it was created. You just need to be following me on Periscope. My handle is @BeckerBiz and I broadcast every evening (Eastern time zone) and do live training and answer questions.

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