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Doing your own videos can seem overwhelming, with all the special effects and stuff. Well if you can take a still picture, you can use it for a moving video special effect and it’s SUPER easy. There’s even a little video editing mini tutorial in this video. – Enjoy!

Show Notes

If you’re doing in-house videos to help your company make more sales, you don’t need to waste time learning all kinds of filming techniques like the stuff they teach in film school. Today I’ll show you how to use a simple still picture and make it look like an impressive, high quality video effect.


Hey, I’m Larry and what I’ll show you today, you might have actually already heard of. And I’ll show you how incredibly easy it is to do in editing.

There’s a world renowned documentary film maker named Ken Burns, who did countless historical documentaries and obviously his visual library was generally just artifacts and historical photos. He became famous for filming the photos as he panned slowly across the images. He gave movement to still images.

When you consider human psychology, this is actually brilliant. With the fast pace and constant movement in videos these days, creators are taking advantage of the natural human instinct to pay attention to things that are moving. Not to mention that video consumers all expect movement now. When something is standing still, it’s easy to ignore.

With video editing programs these days, it is incredibly easy to drop in a still photo and with just a couple of clicks, you can give your still pictures motion, and keep people much more engaged in your video.

And one more reason pictures, with a little motion, are great, is because your audience will get bored just watching 1 person talking all the time. You’ve gotta break things up!!

For my example I’ll show you how easy this is using my favorite video editing program, Screenflow on the Mac. Keep in mind though, pretty much any video application can do this.

[cut to screen capture training]

So you can see how straight forward this is. Just dropping a photo into your timeline and adding a video action is super easy.

So what do you think? Are you going to add stills to your videos now?

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