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We all have bad habits but there’s a special kind of bad habit that makes you annoying on video. Today I’ll tell you what the annoying habits are and how to cure them. – Check it out!

Show Notes:

The biggest reason we do business videos is to build a better relationship with our audience. But there could be something you’re doing that makes you really annoying to your viewers.


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There’s something you can do that can make you surprisingly annoying to viewers and it’s a verbal tick. A word or phrase you say, almost without thinking about it.

The big one that lots of people say is Um. I say it sometimes and I’m not really concerned because I don’t say it enough to be a problem. If you say Um a little, don’t worry about it. If you say it a lot, try to replace it with silence. It will take a bit of practice, but if you watch your own videos enough, you’ll make progress.

The bigger problem is something that’s a phrase you use to reset, or a phrase you use too much because it’s comfortable.

There’s a national broadcaster I’ve heard who uses the word NOW all the time. I use it sometimes. But this guy will say NOW 7 or 8 times in a 30 second radio commercial. It’s really distracting.

Mine used to be “check it out.” I was doing a regular 3 to 5 minute news update 6 or 7 years ago, and I would catch myself saying Check It Out like 8 or 10 times in that 3 minute news update. Finally I edited together all of my Check It Outs into a stupid blooper reel and I even made a contest out of it and told viewers that if I ever say Check It Out more than twice in the news, I’d give away a prize to the first person that emailed me about it.

If you have a verbal tick, and you can have a friend or coworker on set while you’re filming, have them yell CUT every time you do your verbal tick. It won’t take a lot of retakes to start killing that verbal tick. The main thing you need to do in order to be able to kill your annoying verbal ticks is to be aware of them.

One other option is a real pro tip. Learn how to use a teleprompter and read from a script, not just bullet points. Then you won’t have any verbal tick unless you go off script.

I hope these tips help you cure your annoying habits.

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