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The BIGGEST reason your videos are unprofessional is…

Bad audio. Hey, Larry here and there’s a secret that people seem to miss when they start doing simple videos like this to market their business online. The secret is that people won’t put up with bad audio.And the BIGGEST reason people keep getting it wrong is that they go to video pros for answers.I’m an official trainer for Canon USA, the camera company, and when I’m in the big studios doing spokesperson stuff, those guys have expensive wireless microphones, or sometimes they have a boom microphone on an overhead pole, just out of the camera frame. And that makes for great sound. — So then if YOU tried learning video production from a pro trainer, somebody from the industry with pro video experience, they point you to the gear they know. You’re gonna drop at least $300 bucks or maybe a grand, just to get decent sound.

The big problem with non-video companies trying to figure out how to do their own videos, is that there’s nobody teaching simple video for business. Stuff that looks and sounds pro but without the big budgets.

There’s only one guy I’ve ever heard about, out there doing that. Me. I’ve never heard anybody mention the mic I recommend. It’s just $30 bucks and it sounds great! It’s the Audio Technica ATR3350iS. It’s a lapel microphone with a 20′ cord. And it comes with an adapter so it can work with regular cameras or even smartphone cameras.

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That’s a wrap for today. See you next time.

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