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Not marketing. Not instruction. Not publicity. There’s one REALLY CLEVER way ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY should be using videos and NOBODY is doing it yet.

Show Notes:

Sure, I teach business people how to use video for marketing, but there’s a way to use video as a consumer that can save you all kinds of trouble and money and nobody I’ve ever met does it.


Hi I’m Larry and it has been crazy in my world for the last few weeks. I went to Photoshop World and did a week of hosting that event. And I was so busy I didn’t have time to do that AND keep up the work for my clients AND post daily videos. Something had to give and it was the daily videos, but I’m back.

Now that I have nearly 40 quick tip videos, I’ll be cutting back to one or two little videos per week on average. That should let me have enough time to get back to things like live streaming on FaceBook and Periscope. We’ll see… But today’s topic is a crazy smart way to use video and it’s a way I’ve never heard of anybody doing regularly. I do it and it has helped me a BUNCH of times.

You probably already know I use Screenflow. It’s a video screen capture utility and a full blown video editor. People use it all the time to capture computer based training, like teaching photoshop or showing off a website.

Here’s my suggestion… record your screen and narrate what you’re doing ANY TIME you buy anything online or make a change to your account settings or cancel a service.

I pay my bills online. I order stuff from Amazon and other companies. And recently I cancelled an email service I was using for my company. That company didn’t give me any kind of confirmation email or anything. I just clicked Cancel Service and it kicked me out of the site. I tried signing back in and it wouldn’t even let me do that. Really bad customer service experience but I have the whole thing on video.

So that’s it. I recommend you screen record any financial transactions you do online. And be sure to record a narrator/voiceover track AND computer audio. Screenflow can do that.

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